Debt Restructuring

It is common for business to solicit the outside financing or intragroup financing for development of certain business streams, increasing financial effectiveness or covering the operational costs. However, due to various reasons, business may not be able to settle its liabilities in their entirety. Such “bad” debt leads to certain negative consequences for both debtor and the creditor. Having unique expertise and significant practical experience in business financing, team of Anstrum can help with proper restructuring of “bad” debts and increasing financial effectiveness of the parties to this process.

Key services

Advice on options for settlement of debt

Financial restructuring under the Law of Ukraine “On financial restructuring”

Debt-into-equity conversion

Pre-trial sanation

Support with implementation of alternative options of debt restructuring (conversion of trade payables into loan, attracting financing, debt assignment or forgiveness, etc.)

Why Anstrum

  • Significant experience in debt restructuring projects: portfolio of Anstrum team includes more than 50 successfully completed projects for middle and large business from various industries (e.g., Automotive, FMCG, Real Estate, Banking and Finance)
  • Application of the most effective options for restructuring of “bad” debt from tax and legal perspective
  • Unique expertise and experience in implementing certain restructuring instruments, including debt-into-equity conversion and financial restructuring procedure under the Law “On Financial Restructuring”
  • We apply effective methodologies tailored to each particular case, standard procedures are automated (our lawyers spend time only on matters that are of real importance for success of the project)

Relevant experience

Ukrainian commercial bank – support during two projects on debt restructuring of Ukrainian debtors under the Law “On Financial Restructuring”.

International producers of household products – support with debt restructuring of Ukrainian subsidiaries via debt-into-equity conversion. Restructuring allowed Ukrainian companies to improve their net asset position and write-off the debt without tax implications for further change of the business models in Ukraine.

International construction company – support with debt restructuring of Ukrainian subsidiary via debt-into-equity conversion. Restructuring allowed the company to improve its net asset position and write-off the debt without tax implications for further repatriation of funds from Ukraine.

International packaging producer – restructuring of trade liabilities (for supplied goods) of large Ukrainian retail network.

International financial organization – consulting the creditor on Ukrainian law related to restructuring of debt under multimillion loan provided to Ukrainian spare parts producer.

Large Ukrainian bank with foreign investments – support with restructuring of multimillion loan facility provided to Ukrainian producer of electric appliances.

Ukrainian investment company – consulting on restructuring of loan debt of Ukrainian agricultural company, including support with partial foreclosure on security under the loan.

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