Business Structuring

Within current competitive and regulatory environment, that undergoes rapid changes, the issue of efficient business structure becomes of utmost importance. Currently, business structuring is not only about tax effectiveness, but in many instances is a condition for successful operation of business as such. Proper structuring of business is instrumental for ensuring: tax efficiency and reduction of operational expenses, smooth entering to the new (foreign) markets, compliance of business operations with latest regulatory requirements, best practices and latest business trends, investment attractiveness for new partners and creditors, efficient intragroup financing, security, protection and inheritability of assets and business.

Key services

Analysis of current business structure, consulting on improvement of its tax and legal efficiency

Development and implementation of business structure for new markets and/or streams of business

Legal business review and consulting on improvement of corporate governance and decrease of regulatory risks

Support of intragroup reorganizations and segregation of assets

Securitization of assets

Structuring of deals and designated project financing

Why Anstrum

  • Significant experience in international business structuring: portfolio of our team includes more than 60 successful projects for international and Ukrainian businesses from various industries
  • We apply most efficient ways of business structuring from tax and legal perspective
  • We work with leading service providers (law firms, tax consultants, commercial banks) in the most popular foreign jurisdictions
  • Comprehensive knowledge of regulatory environment and latest trends in international structuring (e.g. deoffshorization initiatives, including within BEPS, anti-money laundering tendencies, etc.)

Relevant experience

International retail network or household goods – development of corporate structure for entering the Ukrainian market.

International producers of FMCG products – consulting on restructuring of distribution model in Ukraine to increase business efficiency and prevent legal risks.

International clothing retail network – consulting related to the ownership structure for Ukrainian company and implementation of the new structure for entering the Ukrainian market.

International mining company – consulting on securitization of key assets in Ukraine and implementation of security measures from outside threats.

Ukrainian energy company – analysis of business structure to identify tax and legal risks. Development of ownership structure to ensure operational and tax efficiency for attracting outside financing.

International producer of packing materials – consulting on group restructuring (change of the holding company in Ukraine) and transfer of shares to the new shareholder for further engagement of outside financing.

International automotive company – restructuring of distribution model in Ukraine, that allowed to decrease expenses and mitigate historical regulatory and operational risks.

Group of IT companies – consulting on business restructuring, support with transfer of operational activities on new company and liquidation of old ones.

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